Requirements for this Position:

Communication Skills
  • Spoken English (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to communicate in a phone conversation, video conference or face-to-face meeting using standard American English with perfect grammar and proper use of words.
  • Written English (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to communicate and create documentation in standard American English with perfect grammar, correct spelling and proper use of words that a native speaker of American English would be able to understand.
Computer Skills
  • Microsoft Excel (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to organize, format and calculate data with formulas, create charts and graphs as well as create pivot tables from table data.
  • Microsoft Outlook (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to compose, send and organize email, organize appointments, and manage multiple user’s calendars.
  • Microsoft Power Point (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to incorporate images, sounds, videos, text and charts to create interactive presentations.
  • Microsoft Word (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to create, edit and design various type of documents using different styles, layouts and media.
  • Bachelors Degree (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Attended an accredited college/university and received a Bachelors degree.
IT Skills
  • Facebook (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Write relevant business news and updates to engage potential clients and increase the number of followers.
  • Facebook Platform (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to create web applications and services that access data in Facebook using Facebook APIs.
  • Google Analytics (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to generate detailed statistics about website's traffic and traffic sources and measure conversations and sales using Google Analytics. Ability to build custom applications such as reporting tools using Google Analytics APIs.
  • HootSuite (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Manage multiple Facebook and Twitter Accounts, schedule conversations.
  • Pinterest (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Create and manage multiple pinboards, using uploaded images and other relevant media that will showcase O2 Media products and services.
  • PR Buzz (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Upload and track press releases.
  • PR Log (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Upload and track press releases.
  • PR Newswire (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Upload and track press releases.
  • Twitter (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Write relevant business news and updates to engage potential clients and increase the number of followers.
  • Twitter APIs (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to use Twitter APIs to integrate with Twitter and access its global stream of tweet data.
Office Skills
  • Typing Skills (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to type accurately at 60 WPM.
Personality Traits
  • Attention To Detail (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Is thorough in accomplishing a task with concern for all the areas involved, no matter how small.
  • Creative - Artistic (Strong/Advanced Level)
    The natural ability to come up with original ideas in the context of creating artistic content or design.
  • Flexible (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to accept change quickly and without resistance and adapt accordingly.
  • Handles Pressure (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to handle pressure without losing focus.
  • Interpersonal Skills (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Proven relationship-builder with the ability to interact with employees at all levels within the organization.
  • Multi-Task (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to effectively prioritize and juggle multiple concurrent projects.
  • Organized and Methodical (Strong/Advanced Level)
    The ability to keep matters organized and create systems that can be understood by anyone. Taking a structured and well organized approach to handling and managing matters.
  • Resourceful (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to think outside of the box.
  • Self-Managed (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to handle his tasks and projects in a timely and concise manner with little to no supervision.
  • Takes Initiative (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to move forward in getting a project or task started.
  • Team Player (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to interact and work well with others and welcomes colleague's input and suggestions.
  • Tenacity (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Productive worker with solid work ethic who exerts optimal effort in successfully completing tasks.
  • Timeliness (Strong/Advanced Level)
    Ability to deliver effective solutions within specified timeframes. Must not miss deadlines. However, if there is a possibility of missing a deadline, must communicate with supervisors and team members as early as possible in order to alert everyone about the situation.